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Make the decision on wedding sets together

While searching for the ideal wedding set you will discover that not only are there the three-piece wedding ring sets, standard with diamond engagement ring and his-and-hers matching bands, you and your wallet may be relieved to find the often more affordable and  simple two-piece wedding ring set for her.  A basic wedding band may suffice for the groom while, surprisingly, she may like the idea that you would rather be thrifty for yourself and more extravagant for her wedding set.


The expense of gold is also not a constant in all wedding sets.  Alternative precious metals are often acceptable and preferred by those looking to spend a bit less. A lesser karat weight of gold is also a popular and cost-effective solution to affordability, and many options for matching wedding ring sets can be found in this category.

So remember, it never hurts for the bride-to-be to have a voice in deciding on her choice of the many, many wedding sets that the two of you will find.  It is a lifetime commitment to love one another, not just a three month income commitment to surprise her with a ring she may or may not love.  It’s wise to go for the ideal “happy couple” right off the bat and make the decision on Diamond Wedding Sets together.

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