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Putting the Affordable in Affordable Wedding Sets

When I say affordable wedding sets, it is inevitable that some of you are going to think “Oh, he must mean cheap.” It is human nature, and it is something that has been drilled into our way of thinking from numerous successful advertising campaigns, mostly done the opposite way: the more expensive something is, the better is must be. Wedding Ring sets are no different. You might be looking at some, perhaps even considering some diamond wedding sets, and find yourself dismissing some based on the fact they are a lower price without even looking at the style or the quality. By doing this you are doing a disservice, and I’m here to help you correct that.

wedding-bands-oro-10I’m going to tell you a little story to demonstrate how advertising and marketing a vodka has led you to believe affordable wedding sets should be avoided. Many years ago a new vodka was being introduced, and the company hired a famous marketing genius. They presented him with all sorts of market research, which he immediately dismissed and asked what the most popular vodka was charging at the time. When they told him, he said “Charge five dollars more.” Just like that, he should that it wasn’t about quality but price. People see a higher price and they think it must be better; conversely a lower price must mean lower quality. Trust me, when it comes to shopping for diamond wedding rings, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Affordable wedding rings are just that, but for more practical reasons than you might think.

The way we shop now for almost everything has changed, and that includes Wedding Sets. Even as recently as twenty years ago, advertising was limited to newspaper and magazine ads and commercials on television and the radio. If it were time to look for wedding ring sets, you took your cues from these sources. Then, too, your only option for finding affordable wedding sets was to then get in your car and go somewhere. Now, we receive product information almost continually, from banner ads on websites to product placement in movies. And thanks to the internet, not only can we compare prices and reviews in just a few minutes we can also shop for affordable wedding rings online. It is this ease and this openness that creates the affordability and not a lack of quality. Don’t let the money that you can save scare you.

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