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Earring Jackets are now a part of Modular Jewelry

I almost never buy chandelier earrings, for instance, unless they’re for my mom. It would be easy enough, however, to find a chandelier-style earring jacket that I could use to dress up my favorite gold studs for those “once in a blue moon” occasions when I want to look more like an old-time Hollywood starlet. One of the greatest and most defining qualities with earring jackets is that they are convertible; you can hang delicate hoops from your studs, or onyx teardrops to make dangling beauty where once there was just austere simplicity. You can convert your everyday staples into the height-of-fashion, black-tie affair, with true artistic expression.

earring jackets
The most attractive part of earring jackets is that they can give new life to a favorite pair of earrings.  I can turn a pair of effortless studs into something with more panache; more glitz. A single pair of hammered disc earring jackets can turn quiet pieces into more attention-grabbing multicolored pieces. A pair of nickel-free studs can suddenly support into a range of metals that those with certain allergies would otherwise never be able to wear

Modular jewelry is an inexpensive way to keep your jewelry boxes full without emptying your wallet.  Earring jackets are a great way to move this concept to your ears. Your workaday earrings can be something new and exciting every day of the week.  With so many varieties, styles and color schemes, earring jackets can match just about anything. It’s not hard to find affordable Diamond Earring Jackets that will compliment virtually anything in your wardrobe, letting you dress up the earrings you already have.

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