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Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Styles

If you are one of those women who sees her engagement/his proposal coming from a mile away, then you are at an advantage when it comes to planning your wedding. Not only will you have more time to see about everything you need to coordinate for your big day, you will also have more time to brainstorm about the kind of wedding you choose to have. Just because you know the diamond engagement ring is coming does not make the proposal any less romantic.

There are many different kinds of weddings to have. Some people choose the destination route and fly far away to a tropical location in order to exchange wedding bands and be pronounced husband and wife. This is a great idea for people who are getting married for the second time or couples who do not want to spend lots of money on an elaborate ceremony and reception for their friends and family members. He may have shelled out big time for the diamond engagement ring.

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Others choose to have the “dog and pony show” to appease their family members or because the woman has always dream of a big wedding. Weddings can be as fancy and as expensive as you would like them to be. Some weddings include a sit-down, five-course meal for every single guest, while other weddings will splurge more on the venue and wedding photographs. It solely depends on the couple and what their priorities are when it comes to their wedding day. She will certainly be thrilled to have that diamond engagement ring on her finger, so I’m sure you guys can negotiate the rest.

There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. It is strictly up to the bride and groom. If they want to go all out, then buckle up! If they want something low key, then they may not invite people to the wedding at all. Instead, they may throw a big party and invite everyone to that as a reception.

The best advice I would give to the men out there is to make sure you pick engagement rings you know she will love forever! There is no sense in having to buy another one down the road. It is better to shell out the money in advance instead of purchasing another diamond engagement ring on down the road.

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