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Discover remarkable pieces of Custom Design Jewelry

When it comes to custom design jewelry, you have options of getting the design, setting and gem stone arrangement remodeled, the way you had always wanted to. If you own an heirloom diamond stone that your grandmother had gifted you, you want to carry the legacy forward. That is the sentimental feel attached to it that makes you retain one. A string of loose diamond stones can also be used to customize jewel sets in a spectacular manner.

Taking you through tips, techniques and exclusive custom designs, you can possibly go for:

Designer necklace

This is a designer necklace made from a tint of fresh 14K white gold. You can have the necklace made from sterling silver as well. The necklace follows a free-style or rather a custom-design pattern for you to reveal your sense of creativity, in a vibrant manner. You can either include your family birth stones across the chain. Else you can adorn your favorite shaded gem stones across the dazzling necklace. The studs has asymmetrical spots, adding to the ethereal beauty.

A cocktail ring

You can ask the jeweler to design the ring the way you want. Feel free to choose between settings and style. Huge emerald stones or blood red moonstone can be chosen for the night-party effect. If you want the Engagement ring to have a flavor of sanctity, you can choose alexandrite, sapphires or gorgeous diamond stones added to the setting.

Sketch designed jewelry

When you want to customize jewelry, this is another stunningly cool technique, you can come up with. You can ask the jewelry designer to sketch the piece for you. It can be a vivid form of custom design jewelry that resonates the feel-good vibes. It can be a floral design like a daisy or a lily etched on to the ring. You can create heart shaped necklaces, stylish bracelets and cool pendants using the sketch designs. The design you and your jeweler select, will then be molded into the exact jewel piece.

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